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ZEBIB Ethiopian spices directly from Ethiopia


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About us | ስለ እኛ

Founded in 2007, Ethioalem is a private, registered and licensed company in Sweden which provides a wide variety of services needed in our day-to-day life. In the past two years, Ethioalem, focused mainly on provision of multi-media services across the globe.

In 2009, Ethioalem launched a number of internet based services as part of its long term plan which include; web based shopping, possibilities for viewers to sale and buy, post job and other advertisements.

It is also the premier provider of information and entertainment, including music, games etc. These services are available to anyone including private, government and non-governmental organizations.

Our primary focus is to create a good place for our viewers to access those services in a timely, creative and cost-effective manner. Take a look around.

Business/business planning

"Since 2013" Net-Work Coach & Consultant Plc

Our “Net-Work” company's purpose/goal

We are now working as a supplier to partner personnel who work with the employment services of current contracts in the labour market.

Here we work on helping the individual or group with job search activities, ie help this finding jobs, internship or training.

To educate customers how to apply for various jobs, including informed and discussed about how it looks labor market, different professions available, the hidden job and marketing.

To help even the individual with business contacts and application forms; a curriculum vitae, resume, video resume, presentation letter and cover letter, and even learn about the significance and importance of having an application or interest.

This website will tell you about everything what you need, company advertisements, vacancies and you can also promote yourself for new jobs by posting your CV with photo. Private, governmental and non-governmental organizations can also place job advertisements, introduce their products and type of services provided by their organizations. You can also sell and exchange various items from a needle to camel; car, house, mobile phones, radios, satellite TV, and any other legally accepted items.

Check the web site thoroughly, you will easily find various important stuff and information; there is also an opportunity for your direct participation. You will also understand how we provide a range of services and operate.  Come and join us, you will benefit extremely from the opportunities available. 

We thank you in advance for any comments or suggestions you might have.

Ethioalem - "Net-Work"
A place to share anything (almost)

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